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 Ibham Sadim the Arabian Wolf

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BK Moon


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PostSubject: Ibham Sadim the Arabian Wolf    Fri Jul 30, 2010 5:00 pm

Name: Ibham Sadim (meaning "dark fog" in Arabic)

Nickname: Sadim, Ibham, or Ibbi as a nickname for super-close friends.

Species: wolf

Breed: Arabian (yes, they're real. It's a critcally endangered sub-species of the grey wolf)

Age: 3

Gender: female

Eye Color: yellow with black pupils.

Pelt Color and Markings: Ibham Sadim, contrary to her name, is a muddy yellow color. She has short fur, but it becomes longer in winter months. She has a black back.

Personality: Ibham Sadim is distrustful and agressive. She doesn't trust much of anyone, but if you can gain her trust, it is valuable. She doesn't like packs, due to the fact that in Arabia, where she was born, you did not hunt in packs unless the food was scare, such as in winter (true fact free of charge Razz). Ibham Sadim doesn't have much of anything against dogs, except that they're inferior. She won't attack one as soon as she sees it, but one wrong move and she will. She will also attack other wolves. Occasionally, a bit of Arabic will slip into her speech. Otherwise, she's just heavily accented.

Brief History: Ibham Sadim was transported from Arabia to the U.S. to be part of a breeding program. Ibham lived there for a while with her close friend, Shamis Samaa (Sunny Sky). He passed away due to a disease, and Ibham was distraught. She escaped at night from the zoo later on by digging under the fence, and ran off. After scrounging around and becoming a terror to stray dogs in the nearby city, Ibham grew tired of the city and left (I'm sure the feral dogs were very happy with that). After a few days of wandering and missing Shamis, she found the forest. The bickering between wolves and dogs annoys her, almost as much as the wolves thinking that she's their friend. Ibham is a total loner, and recently discovered she's carrying cubs. She now spends her time eating scraps when she can, and running off to hide when a dog or wolf approaches. She hates feeling weak.

Strengths: She stands 26 inches at the shoulder, and weighs in at 40 lbs, so she is often underestimated, making it easy for her to attack quickly and violently due to hesitation.

Weaknesses: Her strength is also her weakness- she can be bowled over easily, besides the fact that she's pregnant.

Other: I dunno if there's still a theme songs thing going on, but I think of this as her and Shamis's theme song (he is alive! Only he's NOT her lover. M'kay? Two hormonal wolves in zoo will most know. So no more on this topic xDD) . It took forever to find an Arabic song with English subtitles for her xD

Also, all this stuff about weight and eye color and ETC. is true! I did my research xD!
And for my future use. Hehe.


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PostSubject: Re: Ibham Sadim the Arabian Wolf    Sat Jul 31, 2010 4:49 am

Accepted Smile
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Ibham Sadim the Arabian Wolf
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