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 Fable- Long haired German shepherd

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PostSubject: Fable- Long haired German shepherd   Sun Jul 25, 2010 8:28 am

Name: Fable

Nickname: Fa-Ba if you must

Species: Domesticated dog

Breed: Long haired German Shepherd

Age: 4

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Bright green with a hint of blue skewn about.

Pelt Color and Markings: White, with a slight, light tan, gshep marking down her back and tail. Muzzle and ears as well. Dark magenta collar, with a ball-less bell hanging from the tag ring (aka: It doesn't ring, just looks nice).

Personality: Loving, determined, motherly, mature, but a softie alot of the time.

Brief History: Born on a professional gshep breeding farm, a happy life for any dog, she grew up surrounded by those of her own kind and the occasional passerby er. When she was bought at about 10-11 months to another home, a new life became visible beneath the sheets. Children... new dogs... the open streets. She was immediately addicted to the freedom, and began to venture beyond the privacy fence, and stray towards the nearby wilderness. This continued for years, and gradually her owners came accustomed to her being gone for days on end without trouble. She spends her time in the open now, learning the ropes, but she will always have a loving home to retreat to when all seems lost.

Strengths: Tries her hardest at everything, though she's not always the best she always puts her all into it. Cares deeply about others, and will most likely try to defend them if they are being attacked (physically or mentally). Rather mature disposition, laid back and lovable, but with the Gshep blood running through her veins she's a natural attack dog when provoked.

Weaknesses: Cares too much sometimes, to the point where she puts herself in danger or when she's a little timid about attacking first in a battle. Generally the other dog would need to provoke her to really start something.

Other: Strong maternal instincts.

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PostSubject: Re: Fable- Long haired German shepherd   Sun Jul 25, 2010 8:50 am

Character Accepted!

Roleplay forums should be opening in another 4-5 days. Smile

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Fable- Long haired German shepherd
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