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Canine wars! a battle between Wolves and Dogs. choose your side!
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 Ashban the Wolf

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PostSubject: Ashban the Wolf   Thu Mar 27, 2008 1:09 am

Species (wolf or dog): Wolf

Name: Ashban

Nickname: Ash

Pelt colour: Black and Brown with tinges of white

Markings: Dark forehead, lighter snout

Age: 3

Gender: Male

Eye colour: Hazel

Personality: Kind, gentle and understanding are just some of this wolf’s aspects but when it comes to the survival of himself or other wolves, he can be a deadly hunter and fighter (can change depending on situation)

History: Alpha Wolf of a small pack, temporarily left to help the war effort

Strengths: Smart, Fast, Stealthy, Strong, Agile, good sense of smell… (Basically good at most aspects of fighting, tactics, tracking and subterfuge), loyal, looks after own kind……

Weaknesses: Will usually through self into danger to save friends, Will sometimes take unnecessary risks, doesn’t like to get injured, will sometimes seek revenge on those who betray or kill him, tries not to leave wounded wolves behind…

Other: Wild, has never been captured, and has good mutual relationships with the humans around his home grounds.

Picture: see below

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PostSubject: Re: Ashban the Wolf   Thu Mar 27, 2008 6:29 am

Accepted albino sunny
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Ashban the Wolf
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