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 Roleplay Tips

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PostSubject: Roleplay Tips   Fri Jul 16, 2010 6:52 am

Here are a few tips for roleplaying, these are not rules or anything, these are just my personal tips, you don't need to follow these to any extent.

- Try to refrain from posting 1-liner topics, if you can't think of something to roleplay, don't make a post for the sake of it
- Try to avoid 1-liner replies as well, though not as bad as 1-liner topics, its always better to be a bit descriptive and imaginative!
- Use 3rd person for descriptive actions (e.g. Joe jumped onto the bed)
- Use 1st person for speech and thought content (e.g. "what did I do?" Joe thought)
- Be descriptive! The more information you put in, the more we understand about your location and actions, you don't need to write an essay though Laughing .
- Think about what/who you are and what you are capable of (i.e. if you dont have hands you won't be able to use most tools will you?)
- The main one: use common sence Smile
- If you are using 1st person for your actions etc (or even if your not) it can be useful to put what character you are at the top of your post

*List may be updated*

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Roleplay Tips
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