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 Nothing Can Get Worse Than This... But if It can, don't tell me.

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PostSubject: Nothing Can Get Worse Than This... But if It can, don't tell me.   Sun Mar 15, 2009 10:05 am

Rosalie sat down. Her first thought was, Nothing can get worse than this...But if it can, don't tell me. Her pretty fur was sodden from a tropical rainstorm, she couldn't find shelter, and she was all alone. Not to mention she was hungry, tired, and beat up. She wished she'd stayed in the mountains. She kept looking, though, because if any male wolf found her, she'd look weird just flopped on the sand... Yes, she would.
Dark Mist was trying to teach her pups to fly; but it wasn't going well. How was she supposed to know there would be a tropical rainstorm on the day she took them? Kovu was sulking, because he didn't have any wings. He was determined... but right now he was determined to go home. He crawled under a palm tree with Sandstorm. She kept joking, and he laughed a little, but he miserably watched the rest of his family learn to fly. He didn't really miss Hawk. He was always pretty rough. Sandstorm nudged Kovu at the punch line of her joke. "Get it? Ketch-UP?" she doubled over in laughter. Kovu laughed half-heartedly. Vitani happily flew around in the rain, with their mother right behind her. "Whheeeee!" Vitani laughed, and did several flips. Firestorm flew bravely around in the rain. He was the alpha of the pups, even if he was small. The fact that he was small...with wings...gave him an advantage. He was helping Bittersweet right now. Her oversized wings almost covered him. He was coaching her, because she was blind. Dark Mist praised them and told them to come down now. They did, with much difficulty. "It's turning into a tropical storm. Let's go find shelter," she said worriedly. "No flying along the way. You have to know your limits." Bittersweet whimpered and Dark Mist lifted her on her back. "lets go," she said sharply.
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Nothing Can Get Worse Than This... But if It can, don't tell me.
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