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 Chiarore "Whiskey" Roseblood

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PostSubject: Chiarore "Whiskey" Roseblood   Mon Dec 22, 2008 3:52 pm

{{{What you need to know . . .}}}

{Birth Name}: Chiarore Campo Roseblood
{Taken Name}: Whiskey
{Meaning}: 'chiarore campo' means flare field in Italian, 'Roseblood' is a random last-name, and 'Whiskey' refers to the red-brown color of her fur.
{Nickname(s)}: She almost always goes by Whiskey
{Age}: A bit over 3 years
{Species}: Wolf
{Breed}: Red Wolf
{Gender}: Female
{Font Color}: Brown

{{{What you should know . . .}}}

{Mother}: Giorno
{Father}: Notte
{Brothers}: None
{Sisters}: Canti
{Mate}: None
{Other}: None Known

{Where I've Been}:
{Where I'm now}: The Mountains
{Where I'm going}: Wherever the wind blows

~{{My History}}~
Whiskey's childhood was almost completely normal. She had good parents and a sister that, despite them sharing different views, cared about her. They lived in a warm and rather sunny forest until both she and her sister decided that it was finally time to leave. Her quest for a home was uneventful except for the few days she spent in a small human village, where she met some dogs. This was the first time that she had seen dogs in real life. Her opinion on dogs is that they are all different and that wolves should actually try to met them before forming opinions on the entire species. After she left the village, she continued to travel until she came to the mountains.

~{{My History In Roleplay}}~

{Finished RPís}:

{Current RPís}:

{{{What you want to know . . .}}}

Family {{My kin-blood. Whether I love or hate you, we're family.}}
Mate {{I couldn't live without you.}}
Love {{I want to be by your side always.}}
Crush {{You make my heart melt.}}

Respect {{I look up to you.}}
Best Friend {{Through thick and thin, I know I can confide in you.}}
Friend {{I'm glad to see we're growing closer.}}
Acquaintance {{Nice to meet you. You seem like you could be a friend.}}
Just Met {{Not much I can say. I don't know you.}}

Annoyed {{Just. Go. Away. Can't you see I'm about to snap?}}
Angered {{I hate the hell out of you.}}
Mortal Enemy {{If I catch one whiff of your hide near me, you're dead.}}

~{{Its judgement time . . .}}~
Giorno and Notte: Well, what can I say? you two are my mother and father. You helped me and supported me. Thank you for everything.

Canti: I respect you, even though I couldn't really relate to you. I wish you well, wherever you are. In the end, I kinda wish I got to know you better before we both left home.

{{{What you already know . . .}}}

{Build}: Slim and feminine.
{Main Color}: Deep red-brown.
{Markings}: Various back, belly, foot, tail, and face markings. See picture.
{Eye Color}: Emerald green
{Nose Color}: Dark gray
{Paw Pads}: Dark gray
{Fur}: Very long and silky
{Scars}: Small and hidden under fur
{Accessories}: None (Unless you count bangs and leg-fur as accessories.)
{Fighting Strategy}: Whiskey rarely fights if she can help it, but when she does, she attacks from behind and attaches to an ear, leg, the scruff, etc.

~{{Main Reference}}~

{Other Pictures}:

{{{What you might find out . . .}}}

Whiskey is, at first, shy and quiet. However, once she knows someone, she is kind, friendly, loyal, and occasionally protective. She is forgiving, understanding, and almost always calm. Even to canines that seem aggressive, she is mildly friendly.

- Summer and Autumn
- The spring thaw
- Sunsets/sunrises
- Birds
- Fireflies
- Shallow rivers

- Unnecessary bloodshed
- Winter
- Storms

- Fast
- Slightly above average intelligence

- Not strong
- Sometimes too forgiving
- Rarely fights
- Inexperienced at fighting

(Even though it has absolutely nothing to do with her personality or history, i was listening to it when I designed her and it's where i got her name.)

{Kindness Level}: 9/10
{Aggression Level}: 2.5/10
{Intelligence}: 8/10
{Patience}: 9/10
{Humor}: 7/10
{Sanity}: 9/10
{Adaptability}: 6/10

{Strength}: 3/10
{Stamina]: 8/10
{Hygiene}: 8/10
{Fighting}: 2/10
{Speed}: 9/10
{Health}: 95/100


{Character Design}: Blue
{Character Owned By}: Blue
{Based Off}: Nothing (possibly the song 'Whiskey Lullaby')
{Profile Outline}: Silverflame on the Blackblood Alliance forum.
{Other}: Link to the Blackblood Alliance forum: CLICK
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PostSubject: Re: Chiarore "Whiskey" Roseblood   Tue Dec 23, 2008 2:40 am

oh, very nice =D

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PostSubject: Re: Chiarore "Whiskey" Roseblood   Tue Dec 23, 2008 8:02 am

*huddles in corner* It's scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Too many words and colors!! *wails in the corner* Nice, though.
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PostSubject: Re: Chiarore "Whiskey" Roseblood   

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Chiarore "Whiskey" Roseblood
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