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Canine wars! a battle between Wolves and Dogs. choose your side!
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 Rashia the wolf deamon

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PostSubject: Rashia the wolf deamon   Sun Oct 05, 2008 3:37 pm

Species (wolf or dog): Wolf,Deamon

Name: Rashia

Nickname: Quentrio

Pelt color: white with silvery blue, light green, rare VERY light pink.

Markings: is the pelt color lol

Age: unknow, as old as time perhaps.

Gender: none, but known as male.

Eye color: white.

Personality: True to self, kind, generous, mostly forgiveing. (EMPHASIS ON MOSTLY)

History: when the first stars began to apere in the sky, he was torn from a fragment of the universe. His crys came unheard and he fell into the area of earth.When he saw hte planet he began a desperate fight to escape the dark clutches of evil that had draged him here. once evil relaxed its grip for a single moment, Rashia began a strat dive. he landed safely on the planet and went deep into the earth core, where the posetive balence kept him safe. he then went into slumber for many centurys and woke to find peace, or so he thought. Soon after he came to the surface He saw his first View of these times: a Female Dog who had been rased in the war and saw him. "Witch side are you on!?" she demanded. Rashia tilted his head in confusion. "witch....side...?" The female attacked growling. Rashia dodged her, not wanting to harm her. the Female then made a skilled move. she instantly jumped his way as soon as her front paws touched a blade of grass. Rashia then didnt have a choice. he didnt her a blow, witch was a little hard. he didnt mean to hit her so hard. she was shot back very hard and landed hard on her side. he ran up to her, and she had given in. "wha.... what are you..?" Rashia was quiet, "my name is Rashia. I am not your ememy." he did a blessing spell witch healed her and had her see hte truth. she smiled nad leyed her head down to sleep for a bit. Rashia then got up from her side and set out to aid the other who were confused like this. that is where this story begins. >Very Happy

Strengths: Truth, wisdom, and willigness to learn. He takes broken souls and brings them to the light. he manged to self proclaim himslef the offical guardian of earth Laughing

Weaknesses: pain, blood shed, and failing to much. (after all, sence he slept for so long

Other: because he is consrentrated light and positive energy, he has great power that he hasesnt disscoverd yet.

Picture(s): the first one is the best. :3

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PostSubject: Re: Rashia the wolf deamon   Mon Oct 06, 2008 4:43 am

sorry, but i'm not accepting more special wolves at the moment, not until we have decided what to do about Canine Wars.
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Rashia the wolf deamon
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