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PostSubject: Kasshoku   Mon Aug 25, 2008 1:14 pm

Name: Kosshoku (Brown in Japanese, I think)
Nicknames: Kass, Kassie, though she prefers Kass to both Kassie and Kasshoku
Former Name(s):
Gender: Female
Breed: Malamute X ? (Mixed breed)
Age: 3 years
Height: A little taller than most dogs, but not huge.
Weight: 75lbs. (lighter than the usual malamute, as she is a mix)
Body Build: Naturally somewhat bulky, but a little less bulky than a Malamute.
Fur Color: Light cream/ Dark brown-gray
Markings: Back marking, paw markings. (Both are the gray-brown color) A white patch on her chest.
Fur Length: Long, thick, harsh.
Fur Condition: Somewhat clean
Eye Color: Left is blue, right is brown.
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Siblings: Brothers- Kai, Naitr (Naitr is the 'bad one')
Other Family: Unknown
Mate: None
Former Mate(s): None, unless you count Naitr when her mated with her
Offspring: A small, inbreed pup that died a day after birth (Naitr's pup)
History: She lived a normal life most of the time. Grew up in the park of a small town. The park was practically deserted, with humans only going there every few months or so. She played with her brothers, Kai and Naitr. Naitr had always seemed a little strange, but as a pup, she thought nothing of it. Even when she was 2 years old, living in a small forest with Naitr, did she think much of his weird looks and glances. She just thought that that was what he did, being an individual. That was, until the one night. The night that she hated more than the time her father left for this war, or when she saw Kai, the brother she would have also considered her best friend, die before her eyes. The night that Naitr finally snapped. He forced her to mate with him and then sent her running for a human's home. The human helped her torn ears and hurt body heal, gave her a collar and earrings, and let her go on her own. A month later she gave birth to an unnaturally small pup that died the next day. It was her brother's pup. The one that her forced her to have. She still grieved for her pup's death, but tried to run from her past, leading her here.
Personality: When she's around other canines, she seems a little selfish and arrogant, but alone she is nervous and will sometimes jump at any little sound she hears. If you get to know her, she's actually quite nice and caring, only acting selfish to hide her past.
--Weaknesses and Strengths--
Weaknesses: She is quite nervous alone, not too fast, and not too strong.
Strengths: Her somewhat large size, intelligent.
Other: Large brown collar, one floppy ear, 4 earrings (1 silver in the right, 2 silver, 1 gold in the left.), scars on her ears.

NOTE, the picture is colored lineart, not my actual drawing. I only colored it.
--Theme Songs--

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PostSubject: Re: Kasshoku   Tue Aug 26, 2008 9:53 am

poor Kasshoku :'[

Accepted cheers albino
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