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 Random Outlet

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PostSubject: Random Outlet   Fri Jul 11, 2008 11:37 am

Knuckles was just randomly walking around. grr.. where IS that fox?!? this is the third time in a row he's late because of some stupid experament! grrr! the next time he's late i swear i'll kill him! Knuckles snarled out of eratation and sat down. he just looked around, bored. then he saw a squrill. he tilted his head. "hm?" the squrill... just didnt look like a squrill! it got down from the tree. it was a brown cat! KNuckles didnt chase cats... but this was odd.. he did want to chase it! and he was bored anyway. "hmph! go figure!" Knuckles got up and shot after the cat. the cat looked behind it to see knuckels then ran off. they shot of of the forest into the open field. the cat ran slightly zig-zag in the tall grass. suddenly it shot to the right. KNuckels didnt notice the joyful song playing by the animals, but it certaly set the mood! (more below the vid)

(heres the English verstion i just think the latin song is catchyer and more joyful)

they shot intoa small patch of forest. the little cat shot out of the forest into the sunlight. kNuckles stoped and looked around in awe when he came out. the cat had lead him into a uncharted and unfound part of the forest! he sniff around. this was out of both borders! (human,War) he had entered "Unison", the place where peace spirit wanderd. the cliffs had small waterfalls, the grass was pure green, the water was crystal clear, the sky was sheer blue, and the elk grazed and ran happily. and ther was the little brown and white cat by the lake licking its paw! KNuckels walked up to the cat. in fact, he wasnt even sure this was a cat. the cat didnt run, or hide mostly it just sat there, continueing what she was doing as if Knuckles wasnt even there. kNuckles turned away from the cat and went up to the lake. a small fish swam by. Knuckles eyed it cunningly and sudden pounced. he chased after the small morcel through that clear water. this place was only to be knon to those who were very lucky. KNuckles being proud to be one of those few.

meanwhile, Tails had finshed his expearament and was in the forest to meet with knux. Tails followed his scent to the place where he stoped and sat. then something happen that should have. the cat had erased his scent when he chased it. Tails stoped and looked around. "knuckles?" no repliey.

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Random Outlet
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