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 Cheza the wolf

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PostSubject: Cheza the wolf   Fri Jun 13, 2008 4:44 pm

Species (wolf or dog): wolf

Name: Cheza (gave herself that name; pronounced as it sounds, Che-za ((not Chee-za)) ))

Nickname: Chez, Mephiles (Teasingly: Mutant, Experimant, Human-Eye)

Pelt color: purplish-black

Markings: ---

Age: 3

Gender: Female

Eye color: One blue Human eye, A yellow wolf eye.

Personality: Vicious, Hating, and rarely kind.

History: The first year she doesn't remember, but the other years she was put into a sort of facility, where she was mutated with a human eye. She finally was given her freedom by the love of her life-but he disappeared later. He helped her when she was overcome by pain during the time she was in the facility.

Strengths: Developed a hard skin while in the facility so she is hard to bite. (hard for teeth to peirce the skin)

Weaknesses: The human eye. She absolutely hates it, and she can't do many wolfish things now, because of the eye.

Other: Her pelt color was developed by human experients too.



(snapping wolf)

yes, she is based on Darcia in Wolf's Rain, but a little different.

Theme song:

Why? I chose Dreams of an Absolution (Remix)
because Cheza wants to be with the love of her life again, but she can't because he's gone forever. She doesn't know that after he freed her from the facility, he was killed by a car crash. His name was Tails and he was a golden-ish fox. She sees him in her dreams, and that is when she is only truly happy. She goes by her father's name sometimes-Mephiles.

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PostSubject: Re: Cheza the wolf   Sat Jun 14, 2008 1:50 am

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Cheza the wolf
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